Dave Hester Of ‘Storage Wars’ Hit With $122K In Legal Fees

Dave Hester, the former Storage Wars star, has been ordered to cough up more than $120,000 in legal fees.

Hester sued A&E and Original Productions last December after he was fired from the show.

Hester claimed that the show was rigged and filed a lawsuit claiming wrongful termination after he was fired. Radar Online reports that Hester lost his lawsuit and has now been ordered to pay A&E and Original Productions $122,000 to cover the legal fees.

Hester was fired after he complained that A&E was placing items in the storage lockers to make the show more entertaining. A&E argued that it could run its show however it chose because Storage Wars was protected by the First Amendment’s freedom of speech provision.

A&E filed an Anti-SLAPP motion and the judge ruled in the network’s favor.

Hester has now been ordered to pay $96,735 to A&E and $25,957 to Original Productions.

Hester may owe more than $122,000 to A&E and Original Productions but he could have owed a lot more. UPI notes that the former Storage Wars star was able to get his fine reduced after he objected to covering A&E’s original claim that included extra staff and expenditures.

Are you surprised that Dave Hester has to pay A&E and Original Productions $120,000?