‘Pacific Rim’ Reviewed On Twitter, Do Fans Like It?

Pacific Rim is getting reviewed on Twitter as do many other films nowadays. Fans don’t have any problems telling it like it is. As for the Rim, it is mixed, but seems like many love it, fewer not so much.

We didn’t find too many that hated it, so that must be a good thing for Guillermo del Toro. Even if the movie is not doing as good as expected at the box office.

As reported earlier by The Inquisitr Pacific Rim brought in only $38.3 million so far, which has to be a big disappointment.

This weekend Despicable Me 2 still reigns atop the box office while Adam Sandler’s sequel, Grown Ups 2, came in second place, but failed to topple the adorable yellow minions.

This is not good news for the future of Del Toro’s sequel, although the movie could pick up steam overseas as it has collected more than $50 million in revenue so far.

As you can see, from the tweets, the fans like it in general, so why did it have a poor showing? Well, Despicable Me, has been a surprising hit this summer, most expected it to do well, but not as well as it has. It’s been hard to beat that.

Grown Ups 2 is getting pummeled by critics who don’t like it one bit and have nothing good to say about Sandler’s film.

So will Pacific Rim get some boost from foreign markets? It’s looking better over there, but for now, del Toro should feel happy that in Twitterverse, his movie seems to be doing great.

The kind of reaction during Pacific Rim viewing. http://t.co/82Ak7UDSz1 — Raden Mas Koki (@arisrmd) July 14, 2013

Pacific Rim is directed by Guillermo del Toro and stars Charlie Hunam, Idris Elba, and Rinko Kikuchi.

Did you see Pacific Rim? What did you think about it?