New website crowdsources price, quality of pot

Is your dealer ripping you off?

It’s not really like you can go online and comparison shop, and when buying weed, you’re kind of lucky if your “guy” calls you back at all. Chances are you and your mates all buy from the same dude anyway, so unless you’re in California, it’s not a super competitive industry. While it can’t help you score, however, a new website aims to at least to let you discover if you’re paying too much for sucky bud.

You can anonymously submit the amount paid, quantity and quality level to, and an interactive map will show you what other people around the country and the world are paying for their pot. A red dollar sign indicates areas with the highest weed prices, yellow for middle-range pricing, and green symbols denote the least expensive areas to get high. (Apparently, no one in Wyoming nor North Dakota smokes up, so they currently have gray “no data” legends.)

The site has a Tumblr as well, so when additions like a Google Maps mashup are added, you can run and tell that. Are you spending too much on marijuana? Does the idea of revealing your illicit substances budget on the internet make you paranoid? Do my hands look blurry to you?

via Maureen O’Connor