Xbox One: Some Removed Features May Be Coming Back – Eventually

Some of the features that were removed from the Xbox One following Microsoft’s policy reversal may be coming back at some point in the future which, for those gamers angry enough over their removal to start a petition, we imagine should be good news.

In an interview with IGN (via VG247), Xbox One chief product officer Marc Whitten admitted that Microsoft made mistakes when it came to communicating what their console really is about – these mistakes ultimately lead to its famous policy reversal, but Microsoft is still failing to communicate just what their platform is capable of as far as digital content is concerned.

“I think it’s pretty simple. We’ve got to just talk more, get people understanding what our system is,” Whitten told the site. “The thing that’s really gratifying is that people are excited about the types of features that are possible, and it’s sort of shame on us that we haven’t done as good of a job as we can to make people feel like that’s where we’re headed.”

One of the key things that sparked the petition to bring back Xbox One’s removed features was the Family Sharing program, which allowed gamers to share their library of games to up to 10 family members. Whitten said that enough people want this feature – and other removed features – to come back to the Xbox One, Microsoft will listen.

“If it’s something that people are really excited about and want, we’re going to make sure that we find the right way to bring it back,” Whitten said. “I probably should have been more clear. We took some feedback and realized there was some stuff we needed to add to the program. To add it to the program, we had to make room, just from a pure engineering perspective, to be able to get that work done.”


Do you want Family Sharing to come back to the Xbox One?