Rihanna Shows Up 3 Hours Late To Concert, Needs A Watch

Rihanna has a bit of a tardiness problem. Though she has become notorious for her lateness to shows on her Diamonds world tour, RiRi outdid herself in Monte Carlo this week, showing up a crazy three hours late to her performance.

Gauging by the reaction on Twitter, you could tell that fans who had paid $780 per ticket were a little upset when 8:30pm came and went without Rihanna.

“Still no news of Rihanna,” tweeted one patient fan. “She got lost in 2 square km. We’re waiting… Frankly, this delay is abuse.”

“It’s a record delay” said another, “But we love her anyway.”

Rihanna finally did make the party at around 11:30pm, debuting onstage in a white tuxedo minidress and thigh-high satin boots.

Like we said, Rihanna has earned a reputation for being tardy, but we have to hand it to her – she has shown on occasion that she’s willing to make things right with perturbed fans.

She recently sent a $5,000 check to an Illinois high school after turning up hours late for a March 22 visit.

“She was late in coming that day and a lot of people waited anxiously for her appearance,” a school district spokesman recalled. “and even though this money is late in coming, it’s still appreciated.”

Students who had won a RiRi-sponsored contest were offered tickets and autographed merch over the long wait.

“In all, total, I think the students and everybody involved would consider the event a worthwhile experience,” the spokesman continued.

What do you think of Rihanna’s tardiness? Incredibly disrespectful, or should we be a little easier on our celebs?

[Image via: Shutterstock]