They Exist: 5Ks That Are Actually Fun to Run

It’s true. 5Ks that are actually fun to run really do exist. Yes, the 3.1 mile journey that you have to pay for to put your own body through torture is becoming the “in” self challenge. If running through the park is not your thing; how about running while getting paint splashed all over you, through an adult sized foam slip n’ slide or going for a night run that glows in the dark. If you are still looking for something a little more adventurous, you can run that 5K running away from zombies.

To keep these 5Ks in a fun atmosphere, the aren’t even considered races. Most serious runners do not participate in these trending events and festivals. “We’ve definitely seen this emerge as a trend,” says Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise. “They’re great reminders that exercise doesn’t have to be dull and joyless, and running doesn’t always have to be quite so serious. Fitness can even be fun, something that’s all too easy to forget.”

Among this growing trend of exciting 5Ks, is a handful that combine a series of obstacles built in to the 3.1 mile course. Some of these added challenges incorporate climbing 15 foot walls, crawling through mud, and jumping over a fire lit finish line. All of these events are followed by some sort of after event festivities. These fun to run events do charge a fee to participate in the 5K. Most of the organizations donate the profits to a designated charity.

Running can still be as fun as it was when you were a kid playing hide and seek or manhunt. All it takes to get those not so serious runners out hitting the pavement is some paint, foam, glow sticks or zombies. Although zombies may not actually exist, 5Ks that don’t even feel like you’re running them do.