Elton John Praises Pope Francis, Though He’s No Fan Of Catholicism

It’s no secret that Elton John isn’t a fan of Catholicism, but he did sing the new Pope some praise in a recent interview.

Pope Francis was named “Man of the Year” by editors of Italy’s Vanity Fair, and Sir Elton was asked what he thought of the pontiff receiving the honor. The 66-year-old said:

“Francis is a miracle of humility in the era of vanity… This pope seems to want to bring the Church back to the ancient values ​​of Christ and at the same time, [bring it into] the 21st century.

“If you will reach out and touch the children, the women, the men who live with HIV and AIDS – often alone, and hidden by the silence – his beacon of hope will bring more light than any advancement of science, because no drug has the power of love.”

Sir Elton John has previously criticized all religion for “hatred and spite against gays,” and indeed, how various Christian denominations handle LGBT issues has caused significant controversy and discussion.

But Pope Francis hasn’t really had much to say about homosexuality. Aside from some vague comments about a “gay lobby” in the Vatican, many have noted the absence of a public stance on the issue, especially when this year has seen so many dramatic developments for the gay community (DOMA, South America, etc).

Also complimentary of Pope Francis was opera singer Andrea Bocelli, who told the magazine that the new pontiff is “truly a gift from God.”

Are you a fan of Pope Francis?

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