November 13, 2016
The YouTube President: Obama's first Saturday morning address

There has been a lot about the American Presidency that Barack Obama has changed; or at least the election of one. today though he takes those changes one step further and where presidents before him have usually reloed on using the radio waves for their Saturday morning addresses to the nation Obama has returned to using YouoTube. After all when was the last time you even remember hearing one of those Saturday morning radio addresses unless it became part of a news clip later in the day.

Here is the first Saturday morning YouTube address to the American people for your viewing pleasure

As of 11:45 AM (EST) there has been 53,267 views of his address to the American people. The video is also available at the site as well.

It is really interesting to see that the use of Internet technology continues on some fronts even though the Obama Twitter stream has gone quiet since the election. I'm looking forward to watching how the Obama Administration moves forward with its use of technology and the Internet and hopefully I won't have to bring my tinfoil hat out of retirement.