Director Advises Kids To Experiment With ‘Spiritual’ Drugs Like Mescaline [Video]

One director is all for kids experimenting with drugs. They just have to be “spiritual” drugs. Like mescaline.

Director Sebastian Silva is making headlines this week due to his press tour (alongside Michael Cera) for his upcoming film Crystal Fairy. During one such stop with Uinterview, Silva strangely advocated drug experimentation, even among teens.

“I highly recommend kids to take drugs,” he said. “But I’m not talking about cocaine or crystal meth. You know, what I’m talking about is Aldous Huxley kind of stuff.”

His reasoning is that certain drugs can get one in touch with their “spiritual” side, especially since religion can be so hard to “buy into” for some people. So, spiritual drugs, can help one create a “relationship with yourself that is outside of, like, mundane experience.”

The drug mescaline plays a central role in the plot of Crystal Fairy.

Cera, who sat alongside SIlva in the interview, actually seemed to disagree with his director. Though the actor admitted to actually taking mescaline during filming of the movie, he doesn’t condone drug use.

“The kids that I grew up with that have done drugs have been really sad to watch,” Cera said. “I’ve seen it get bad with people.”

Silva rebutted that it’s “wrong to consider mescaline a drug and put it in the same bag as crack.”

What do you think? Should hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and mescaline be considered different than hard drugs like crystal meth? What do you think of Sebastian Silva’s comments? Watch the video below and let us know: