‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 Is Still A Possibility

There’s still a chance that Arrested Development could return for another season on Netflix.

Although representatives for the company said a fifth season wasn’t likely due to scheduling conflicts, it would seem producers are still interested in getting the Bluths back together once again.

The Wrap reports that Arrested Development season five is still very much a possibility. Executive producer Brian Grazer is certainly interested in more new episodes.

During his conversation with Bloomberg Television, Grazer revealed that showrunners were still hoping to get another season up and running in the future. While nothing has been set in stone as of this writing, it would appear that conversations about the project are still happening.

“We are in conversations with them to do another. They are interested in doing that,” the veteran producer explained.

What does this mean for the proposed Arrested Development movie? Grazer didn’t say anything about this particular project, though Jason Bateman still seems to think a big-screen adventure featuring the entire dysfunctional Bluth family could happen down the road.

“Creator] Mitch Hurwitz’s intention always was to do a movie and when he started to write the movie script, the story that he wanted to tell was too long and too big to fit in a standard movie script. So he decided to take the first act of that movie and put it in these episodes. Acts two or three will either be in a movie or a longer form on Netflix,” Bateman explained to E! Online.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings previously hinted that the beloved sitcom could return for another season. However, this really all depends on how well the show performs on the streaming service.

“We’ve had very high expectations from the beginning for ‘Arrested Development.’ It’s got a well-known brand, and it met all of those expectations. It’s been huge, just as we had hoped,” he explained.

Are you a fan of Arrested Development? Are you hoping the Bluths return for another season on Netflix?