Willow Smith: New Video ‘Summer Fling’ Creates Stir

Willow Smith’s new video Summer Fling has created something of an uproar. We all know what a summer fling is, and the rather oddly accented 12-year-old is happy to sing, “It’s just a couple months, but we do it anyway.” See for yourself by pressing that button up top to watch the video.

A warning: It’s corny pop music aimed squarely at tweens and young teens. But I don’t know how you can make an informed opinion on a video without seeing it, so there it is.

OK. If you’ve seen it, you now know why Willow Smith’s new video caused something of a stir.

Psychiatrist Carole Lieberman went so far as to tell Today: “The video is called ‘Summer Fling,’ but it might just as well be called Lolita…There’s nothing innocent about this video…It’s clearly about sex. I don’t know what Willow’s parents were thinking.”

Uh oh.

The lyrics, the hand-holding, and the endless underage pool party bikinis in Willow Smith’s “Summer Fling” are definitely a little squirm-inducing for adults.

Here a couple of typical comments from Black Youth Project Facebook page, where they asked readers to comment on the “Summer Fling” video.

Christy Jackson: “no it’s not age appropriate. she is too young to be singing about boys because a ‘summer fling’ is about sex as we in the adult world know it & since music is all about selling sex we already know she is not talking about holding hands with a boy…”

Phillipe Mack: “omg a summer fling can just be a crush! geez.”

The debate about Willow Smith’s new video raged on YouTube as well.

crazydances2001: “I’m her age and yes I…hang out with friends at the pool and there are guys there. But you dont see us talkin about ‘do it anyways’ to me that mostly the main lyric of the song. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I dont blame her I blame the parents.”

luish2744: “That fool with Willow looks like hes 20 years old! What the f*** is wrong with kids now a days!”

Is Willow Smith particularly concerned about what old fogeys think? I’m guessing that she’s crying all the way to the bank. Her official twitter hasn’t addressed the controversy but here are some tweets from earlier in the summer that capture her carefree spirit:

What’s your take on the Willow Smith new video “Summer Fling” controversy?

[Willow Smith still photo by Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com]