ESPN Body Issue 2013: Kerri Walsh Jennings Does Naked Photo Shoot

The ESPN body Issue 2013 features Kerri Walsh Jennings, the famed and much loved Olympian Beach volleyball champion.

The 34-year-old gold medalist posed for the edition in naked photos, taken of her nine months pregnant and then straight after her third child was born.

Since the photo’s release recently, Kerri has been obviously thrilled with the response she has received from the public. She said:

“I’m so happy and relieved that people are receiving my pictures so warmly. I didn’t realize how vulnerable I’d feel upon the release of the photos,” continuing: “I am happy and I am proud. I can’t wait to see a copy of the magazine!”

She also spoke about the way she felt when doing the shoot. Obviously, it isn’t easy standing in a studio naked, less alone “very pregnant.” But it seems she was happy with the shoot, commenting:

“For the first shoot, I was very pregnant, and that wasn’t as scary. I thought it would be, because I was big and rotund when I’m usually the opposite, but it was really comfortable because I felt almost like I was in costume…

“But for the second, I was two and a half months out from having a baby. I’m supposed to be tight and toned and strong, but I have a lot more work to do.”

Kerri spoke confidently while doing the ESPN body issue shoot about her body, saying that giving birth: “makes me feel like a Wonder Woman,” also mentioning how proud she is of her body.

Here is a video of the ESPN body shoot 2013, courtesy of ESPN: