Diane Kruger Talks Joshua Jackson’s Mugshot, German Traditions On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ [Video]

It’s been more than a decade since Joshua Jackson was arrested for getting a little too drunk at a hockey game but the actor just can’t seem to escape his mugshot. Diane Kruger, who is dating the actor, said that her mother embarrassed Josh with the photo during his first trip to Germany.

Kruger is from a small town in Germany and said that it is customary to have coffee and cake when you come home to visit. Josh participated in his girlfriend’s tradition, despite the fact that he’s allergic to nuts and Mrs. Kruger served almond cake, and everything seemed to be going well until…

Well, let’s let Diane Kruger finish the story.

Kruger said: “I thought we were doing really good… Then my mom goes, ‘Ahh, wait. I have something for you.’ She goes into the office and comes back with this classified folder of internet clippings of Josh with his mugshot. She thought it would be cute to go, ‘So, I see you’ve been arrested in 1997 at a hockey game. It says, ‘Whose fault was it?'”

Kruger’s mother may have thought that it was all in good fun but Josh wasn’t too happy. According to Diane, they spent the next few days in Germany in silence.

But don’t worry, Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have made up since then and they could soon find themselves walking down the aisle. Engagement rumors have been swirling around the couple recently. Unfortunately, an E! Online source reports that there are no wedding plans in the future just yet.

Do you think Diane Kruger’s mother’s joke was funny? Would you be offended if your girlfriend’s mother pulled out your mugshot?

And just because you’re going to go searching for it anyways, here’s Joshua Jackson’s mugshot.

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