Kerri Walsh Jennings’ Nude Photo Shoot For ESPN Called ‘Scary As Hell’

Kerri Walsh Jennings’ nude photo shoot for ESPN was called “scary as hell” by the Olympic gold medalist.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kerri Walsh Jennings had a baby girl back in April.

Kerri Walsh Jennings was actually five weeks pregnant when she won the gold medal in the Olympics. While Kerri Walsh Jennings has plans more children, she also wants to win her fourth gold medal in 2016.

Kerri Walsh Jennings Nude In ESPN: Body Issue

In the new issue of ESPN we get to see Kerri Walsh Jennings nude for a pregnancy before and after shot. Asked what it was like to pose naked for the camera, Kerri Walsh Jennings says it was “scary as hell.” The reason she felt that way was because when she was pregnant she felt like she was in a costume. But two and half months after having her baby girl, Kerri Walsh felt very uncomfortable because she feels she was “supposed to be tight and toned and strong.”

Kerri Walsh Jennings says her pregnancies have freed her from the stress of being overly focused on her career. Now she has the “freedom to not be afraid to lose” and she enjoys her career more. Still, she doesn’t like that her “boobs went away” and she hinted she might consider plastic surgery in the future. She feels her “best asset is my tush” and she’s been doing a lot of lunges and squats and step-ups in order to those buns of steel back.

Overall, public reaction to seeing Kerri Walsh Jennings naked in ESPN has been positive:

“I am so happy and relieved that people are receiving my pictures so warmly. I didn’t realize how vulnerable I’d feel upon the release of the photos. … I am happy and I am proud.”

What was your reaction to seeing Kerri Walsh Jennings nude on the ESPN cover?