Joe Conley, 'Waltons' Actor Who Played Ike Godsey, Dies At 85

Joe Conley, the Waltons actor who played shopkeeper Ike Godsey, passed away this week at the age of 85.

According to the BBC, Conley passed away at a home in Newbury Park, California, on July 7.

Mary McDonough, who played Erin Walton on the show, broke the news on Facebook.

McDonough writes: "It is a sad day. So sorry to let you know Joe Conley .our beloved Ike Godsey passed early this morning ... We join with fans of The Waltons around the world in remembering Joe Conley, our favorite storekeeper, Ike Godsey. Sadly, Joe passed away early this morning. We celebrate his life and many wonderful accomplishments as an actor. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Louise, and family."

The Waltons actor was most well known for playing Ike Godsey but Conley appeared in several TV shows and movies. One of his last onscreen appearances came in 2000 as Joe Wally in Castaway.

The actor's wife, Louise, told NBC that Conley had been suffering from dementia for the last decade. He was staying at a care facility in California at the time of his passing.

After news broke that the Waltons actor had passed away, several of his co-stars took to social media to give their condolences to Louise and her family.

Ronnie Claire Edwards, who played Corabeth, wrote on Facebook: "It was one of the greatest pleasures of my television career to play Corabeth opposite Joe because he made me so much better," she wrote. "I share all of your grief and appreciate your many condolences. He will be greatly missed but, thankfully, we may enjoy his work for years to come in the many reruns of The Waltons."

Eric Scott, who played Ben Walton, added: "A sad day.....Our beloved Joe Conley passed away yesterday morning. I always loved him and will miss him dearly. Please keep his wife Louise and his wonderful family in your thoughts and prayers."

Joe Conley landed the role of Ike Godsey back in 1972. He played the character for 9 years on The Waltons and in several TV movies. Here's a video of The Waltons actor talking about his character Ike Godsey.