Michigan makes pretty impressive debut

It might be way too early to get excited about the University of Michigan Football Wolverines. I mean they did start out 4-0 last year, before taking a big dive against the team in their own conference. However a convincing win over the UCONN Huskies is a little bit better than beating the crap out of a MAC, or C-USA team. For those of us wishing Rich Rodriquez out of town, he might have a good enough team to win eight games and keep his job safe.

It looks like Wolverine QB Denard Robinson is the real deal. Sure it was not traditional Wolverine Big Ten football, but he ran the ball 29 times for 197 yards. Better than that 11 of his rushes went for first downs. That is pretty impressive and it finally looks like Rich Rod has the QB he needs to run his offensive system. However there is a better stat here, Robinson also went 19-22 with 186 yards and a TD throwing the ball. All in all a very good day.

Sure the Wolverines are going to face tougher challenges defensively then what the Huskies put on the field, but the offense looks to be legit. Robinson has great potential and it looks like this offensive system is perfect for his skill set. He had no turnovers and after a 2009 season where the Wolverines were -13 in that department this was a very good debut.

Let us see what “D-Rob” can do in a rivalry game next week against the Wolverines biggest enemy the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

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