Carolyn Moos Still ‘Deeply Hurt’ By Jason Collins

Carolyn Moos Talks Jason Collins

It has been months since they spoke, but Carolyn Moos revealed she is still “deeply hurt” by Jason Collins and what could have been. Moos, a former WNBA player, is Collins’ ex-fiance.

Moos explained that she was blindsided by Collins when he called her in April to tell her he was gay. In a blog post in Cosmopolitan, she wrote:

“I was stunned. I managed to say, after a silent moment and then a deep breath, ‘I had no idea. I’m sure a huge weight is off your shoulders.’ ”

But despite her words to Collins, Moos added, “Duruing all the years I had known him, I never would have guessed that he would come out as gay.” But he did. And in retrospect, Moos came to realize that his homosexuality was why the NBA player called off their engagement with almost no explanation in 2009.

Carolyn Moos explained that she had just returned from a road trip with Jason Collins’ twin, Jorran, when the NBA player sat her down and told her it was over. She wrote, “There were no tangible reasons, no explanations.”

Collins later stated in an interview about the couple’s breakup, “It was, deep down, ‘Jason, you can’t go through with this. You’re going to be ruining her life and your life, and leading to a life of unhappiness.’ ” He also expressed regrets over how he tolled Carolyn Moos that he didn’t want to marry her. Collins explained, “I wish I could have told her the complete truth at that time.”

But Moos got those answers four years later, with Collins’ phone call. But while he told her personally, he didn’t add that he also publicly announced the information in a Sports Illustrated article.

And while she said she is proud of him for deciding to come forward and say he is gay, she still remains “deeply hurt.” Moos added, “I empathize with Jason and support him. But at the same time, I remain deeply hurt by him. I wish he could have been honest with me years ago.”

As for what she will do now, Carolyn Moos wrote, “Today, I am 35 years old and dating. I have a great life … I’m writing a book that I hope will help other women.” But she is also still waiting on a call from Jason Collins.