Konami Code Unveils Stylish Raptor On Conde Nast Websites

Want to see something awesome? Go to Vogue.co.uk. No, seriously. And I promise this isn’t a scarf.

If you use the classic Konami code on Conde Nast owned sites like Vogue, GQ, Wired, or Easyliving, you’ll see a pretty sweet hat wearing raptor zoom by the screen.

Now, you do remember the Konami code, don’t you?

The code was used in several classic NES games to unlock special features. If you just can’t recall your childhood days, the code is: “up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, b, a, enter.”

The code won’t get you any extra lives or power ups this time but it will give you a few seconds of joy as the Conde Nast velociraptor¬† prances by the screen in a suit and tie.

So why did Conde Nast decide to hide a little raptor on their websites? Who knows and who cares. The important thing is that the Konami Code raptor exists.

Here are a few screen shot of the hat wearing dinosaurs travels around the internet.

From Vogue.

vogue raptor

From GQ

konami code

From Wired

konami code raptor

You can summon your own Konami Code raptor at GQ, EasyLiving, Wired, or Vogue. For some reason, the raptor only likes to visit the UK sites.