Taylor Swift Dating ‘Criminal Minds’ Star [Silly Rumor]


Taylor Swift’s latest rumored boyfriend is Criminal Minds actor Matthew Gray Gubler.

Why yes, it is almost as if names are now picked out of a hat and then passed around the table at a Radar Online editorial meeting.

But this new rumor actually comes courtesy of Swift’s fans, who recently determined (with frightening accuracy) that Ed Sheeran hung out with the “22” singer. He had tweeted a picture of himself on a random balcony, and the fans were able to deduce that he took the photo from Swift’s Nashville apartment by looking at the surrounding buildings.

So yes, they are good at turning up good information sometimes. The latest thing they’re saying is that Swift and actor Matthew Gray Guber might be dating. The reason? They wore similar 4th of July face paint and stood in from of similar-looking cabinets.

Swift posted a handful of 4th pics from the party she threw at her Rhode Island mansion. Gubler posted one photo to his Twitter account. Both show the two standing in front of similar-looking kitchen cabinets and wearing similar patriotic face paint designs.

Even if that places the two at the same 4th of July bash, how do conclude that they’re dating?

Because Gubler deleted his tweet almost immediately. Trying to hide something there, Matty?

Swifties think so, but Gossip Cop finds the evidence to be pretty thin, here. After making fun of Perez Hilton for questionable journalism practices (who’d have thought) they say that a source of theirs brands the two “just friends.”

Do you think that Taylor Swift and Matthew Gray Gubler would make a cute couple?