Viral Cardiomyopathy: Randy Travis Undergoes Heart Surgery

Kim LaCapria

Singer Randy Travis' sudden bout of viral cardiomyopathy has the country star in serious condition in a Dallas hospital, and little has been released thus far about the musician's condition and prognosis.

What we do know about Travis' sudden and serious illness is that viral cardiomyopathy can rapidly become very dangerous, and that Sunday, the singer was hospitalized in critical condition.

As the name suggests, viral cardiomyopathy is an acquired heart ailment, caused by an infection and subsequent damage to the muscles of the heart.

Left untreated or if not responsive, viral cardiomyopathy can lead to heart failure.

While Randy Travis remains in the hospital, sister-in-law Teresa Traywick confirms that the ailing country legend has undergone surgery due to viral cardiomyopathy, and Traywick says:

"We have been told he has had surgery ... Our prayers are going out to him because my husband just had a heart attack last year, so it is in their family."

Traywick cited concern for her 54-year-old brother-in-law specifically because not only had her own husband battled heart issues, but the brothers' mother died of a cardiac ailment:

"Their mother passed away at an early age with her heart, so it is like these boys are following right in their footsteps ... My prayers are with them. That's all I can say right now."

In light of Travis' diagnosis and surgery, his upcoming show for Wednesday at the Deadwood Mountain Grand in Deadwood, South Dakota has been canceled, but no update on the singer's condition aside from news he'd undergone surgery had been released.

TMZ paints a more dramatic picture of the situation, saying Randy Travis' relatives and friends are "frantic" in the wake of his sudden illness:

"The people closest to Randy Travis are extremely worried about the singer's condition ... with sources telling TMZ his health had declined pretty rapidly in recent days after coming down with what he initially thought was a bad cold."

Viral cardiomyopathy is treatable, and Travis may recover following the surgery with limited heart damage.