Bedbugs spotted at NYC Google offices

Those who work for Google are envied thanks to the well-known perks associated with the company, including fun things like scooters in the hallways, competing five-star chefs who want you to nom their tasty sushi and… bedbugs?

Someone in Google’s marketing department may be in a bit of hot water for tweeting something that was quickly picked up by Business Insider and Gotham-centric gossip blogs, and while the tweet has been rescinded, it’s out there now:

“jeepers i am not immune from the bedbug epidemic. bedbugs have been found at work.”

Interestingly, not only has the offending tweet from user @pammy5 been deleted, it seems the entire account is gone. Although there is a massive stigma in New York surrounding bedbugs, Google isn’t the first company to have a high-profile and embarrassing brush with the hardy little critters. A Hollister store closed for a bit this summer after falling prey, seats were removed in a Times Square theater after becoming lousy, and most hated financial institution Goldman Sachs was rumored to have an infestion of blood sucking insects as well. Oh, there were reportedly bedbugs at Goldman Sachs, too.