Kanye West Gets Animated For ‘Black Skinhead’ Video

After weeks of not knowing whether or not Kanye West was going to properly promote his album Yeezus, it’s been decided that “Black Skinhead” is the first single off of the album.

These days a video helps to promote a single as much as radio play, so West has promptly released the dark video, no pun, for “Black Skinhead”. “Black Skinhead” is an abrasive, in your face single, and features Kanye West shouting as dog’s bark and growl in the background to rhythmic beats.

Much like the actual song, in the video for “Black Skinhead”, Kanye West plays with the message of the song by stripping everything away. The video features an animated version of Kanye West against a black background, but that’s after the video starts with three KKK looking men dressed in black.

After that glimpse an army of Kanye West’s arrive on the scene before focusing on one animated West. The animation is a flashy CGI that sees the rapper dancing in a shuffle. Of course now the video is no longer available through West’s site, so it was uploaded to an ambiguous account that doesn’t seem to be related to West’s official account.

In usual fashion for the Yeezus era, there hasn’t been a press release with the video or much information on the video. We guess when left to promote the video, Kanye’s vision speaks for itself.

Earlier in the year we got a small glimpse of what the video for the single would look like, as West projected “Black Skinhead” and “New Slaves” art installations on buildings throughout the United States. Earlier, West announced the marketing strategy for the Yeezus album, saying that there was “no strategy.” While some laughed off this comment, it does appear that West was serious about his statement.

To see what Kanye West looks like as a sim check the video for Black Skinhead.

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