Rapper T.I. and wife arrested for ‘controlled substance,’ was it purple drank?

29-year-old rapper Clifford Harris Jr (better known as T.I.) and wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottie, 36, were arrested last night on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood for drugs.

TMZ was on the scene and reported that the couple was originally pulled over for an illegal U-turn on Sunset, but cops “smelled marijuana.” Following a search of the vehicle, the two were arrested for possession of a controlled substance. TMZ speculates that based on photos, the substance might be “purple drank,” or “sizzurp”:

— A form of codeine falls under the class of drugs for which T.I. and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were arrested.

— Codeine is the main ingredient in Sizzurp, which is a growing problem in the South.

— Sizzurp is typically ingested in styrofoam cups … it’s become a “thing” in the hip-hop community.

Cops won’t say specifically which drug they found, though our sources say it’s the class of drugs that does indeed include the main ingredient for Sizzurp.

T.I. and Cottie, who wed on July 30th, posted $10,000 bail and were released in the morning. The rapper is on probation after serving 7 months in jail last year for gun charges.