Dubious: Apple thinks iPod touch is “#1 portable game player”

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has called the iPhone and iPod touch platforms “the number one portable game players” on the market, boasting that “the iPod touch outsells Nintendo and Sony’s portable game players combined.”

Whether you believe this particular claim from the polonecked one is another matter entirely. At today’s Apple conference, Jobs revealed there has been 1.5 billion downloads of games and entertainment titles for the iPod touch, before arguing this proved the device has “50%+ the marketshare for portable game players in the U.S. and worldwide.”

However, with many iPod/iPhone games costing just a buck or two each (and most DS and PSP games costing $30 new), I find this claim questionable to say the least. It’s very convenient for Apple to judge this on the amount of software it has sold, because its software costs so little.

Furthermore, Apple has sold “only” 120 million iOS devices (according to its presentation today), while the DS alone (according to Nintendo) has sold more than 132 million Nintendo DS handhelds. Sony, meanwhile, claims the PSP has sold more than 60 million.

Apple may well overtake both of its rivals eventually, but right now? Not in my book.

[Via Kotaku]