‘The Legend Of Zelda’: Video Game Bad Guy Biology Explained

David Cornell - Author

Aug. 23 2017, Updated 3:45 a.m. ET

The Legend of Zelda has a lot of strange creatures in it. Here are some video game bad guys who could exist under the right circumstances.

Admit it, you’ve seen some things in the Legend of Zelda games that just defied logic on the most part. One of them was the Wallmaster or Floormaster, a creature that appears to be nothing but a severed hand that seems to live on its own.

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Normally this would be gruesome to even consider, or remind you of The Thing from The Addams Family. However, starfish are known to be able to regenerate from just a piece of themselves, to the point where you eventually find two of them existing separately. The Floormaster could be much bigger to begin with, and its hand got severed. However, instead of being a dead body part, the hand will eventually grow an arm, and a whole body of its own, until you have two of this creature stomping about whole. Obviously, chopping it to pieces isn’t going to be a good idea at all, so Link’s sword may be making the problem worse.

The Gel from The Legend of Zelda appears to be a literal drop of jelly that moves around and harms you if you touch it. It is the result of having successfully attacked a Zol, or bigger version of it. So far it looks like this game is full of things you really don’t want to hack to pieces for fear of making it worse…

The Gel could be a large amoeba that needs to keep moving to breathe. Much like the paramecium, an amoeba is a single-celled organism which consumes its food by osmosis. Now imagine that the limbs of the paramecium have sharp poisonous barbs on them that sting like a jellyfish. In this case the Gel would be an amoeba with dangerous paramecium appendages. In other words, it moves, and if you touch it, you could be injured.

The LikeLike would be a more aggressive version of the Gel, which actually attempts to eat whatever you’re wearing or holding as it encases you.

Leevers are those things that look like horned blobs and burrow beneath the sand occasionally in The Legend of Zelda. If you’ve ever read Frank Herbert’s Dune, you might have noticed a similar creature. The sandworm is a monster with tentacles around a giant mouth, which seems to be its only discernible feature. Basically, if worms could grow extremely large and use tentacles to capture and eat their prey, they would probably be Leevers.

Here are some examples from Super Mario Bros., right here on The Inquisitr.  Are there any other unusual video game bad guys from The Legend of Zelda that seem to defy explanation?


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