‘Siberia’ TV Show Premieres Online [Video]

NBC’s new show Siberia certainly got people talking this week. If you haven’t seen the new fake reality series you can now watch it online.

The new show plays like a reality series but it’s actually a scripted drama. This wasn’t something that viewers picked up on right away.

Twitter lit up after the show’s premiere with people asking if the show was real or fake.

One user writes: How did we misinterpret a show so much? Thought Siberia was a reality TV show for a good hour. #mindblown

Another adds: Siberia the TV show is was messing with my head… Then I realized that it was fake

The Siberia TV show takes 16 reality show contestants, who are actually actors, in the Siberian wilderness. The show goes through the typical reality show fanfare like having contestants and votes but then something strange starts happening. Something is killing off the characters.

This is where people started to freak out. But don’t worry, Siberia the TV show is completely fake.

Siberia may have been one of the most talked about TV shows this week but NBC was probably hoping for slightly better ratings. The show brought in 3.2 million viewers during its first episode which was way below CBS’s rival show Under The Dome. The LA Times reports that the new CBS show brought in more than 11 million viewers.

What did you think of Siberia? Do you like the fake reality show?

You can watch the premiere of Siberia below.

Here are some reactions from the premiere of Siberia.