1 In 3 Single Women Own A Wedding Dress, Survey Finds

Megan Charles

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, cookouts with friends, and time spent on a vacation, and summer is the most popular time of the year to wed.

Many women will admit, as far back as they can recall when they were little girls, dreaming up the details of their perfect fairy tale wedding. Then, as they grow up, they start to realize Prince Charming is a little harder to find.

Still, quixotically, many single young women cling to the fantasy that one day they will tie the nuptial knot, but many go as far as prematurely purchasing a dress long before a proposal is in the works – even before the right guy is even in the picture.

A study by MyVoucherCodes.co.uk, polled 2,005 single British women, 18 and older, and asked about the essentials of their future wedding plans.

The survey revealed an overwhelming number of women had already planned out very specific elements of their wedding, by 59 percent according to MSN.

Based on the respondents answers, one in 10 women already knew what dress they would wear on the big day; 55 percent had makeup and hair ideas narrowed down; 53 percent knew which friends would accompany them as maids/matrons down the aisle; 45 percent knew what their bridesmaids would be wearing; 47 percent had designed/picked out which engagement and wedding rings they wanted to receive – all without a prospective groom in the picture.

Of those who admitted to having a dress in mind – over one-third confessed to prematurely purchasing the gown of their dreams and tucking it away for the special day.

Additionally, 36 percent said their desire to wed and have plans scared off members of the opposite sex, reports the Huffington Post. Still, it did not derail many of the brides-to-one-day-be from continuing on with their fantasy event planning.

Of those who are married, was the big day all that you planned? Looking back do you wish you’d just had a party instead of a wedding? Single or dating, do you fantasize about weddings? What is the most important element of your ideal wedding day?

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