Amanda Bynes Says Before She Weds: ‘I Need To Have More Plastic Surgery’

Amanda Bynes needs more plastic surgery so she can be super pretty for her wedding.

The unraveling actress took to Twitter last night to explain her aspirations towards plastic surgery based beauty and her future nuptials.

We are pretty sure Amanda Bynes is not dating anyone at the moment, so we can probably safely guess that she is talking about a wedding very far into the future.

Given her cray cray behavior, we can only assume that the man she is preparing to wed knows nothing about the nuptials. Heck, she might just pick some random guy off the streets. Our best guess is that she marries the rapper Drake — totally kidding.

What we do know is that Amanda Bynes currently has a crush on “the most gorgeous man I know but Drake comes in second.”

That’s quite a reversal for Bynes who at one point called Drake “ugly” in a tweet for which she posted:

“I’m Getting Surgery To Fix My Nose. There’s No Surgery That Fixes Drake’s Ugly Downward Facing Eyes.”

We Are Not Sure Why Amanda Byes Chose To Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word, But Here Are Her Recent Tweets:

In a tweet posted yesterday, Amanda Bynes also talked about reaching her unhealthy target weight of 100 pounds:

Amanda Bynes is either losing her mind or she is engaged in one of the greatest pieces of performance art of all time. Nope, we’re pretty sure she’s just cray cray.