Bachelor Sean Lowe And Catherine Guidici Decide To Postpone Wedding

Bachelor star Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici have decided to wait a little longer before taking their trip down the aisle.

The couple got engaged on the finale of the ABC reality show back in March, and unlike past couples seemed to genuinely be in love. That was confirmed when the couple quickly made plans to marry, getting hitched on a televised special.

But now Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici have decided to put off their wedding until 2014, saying they haven’t had enough time to get everything ready.

“Straight after The Bachelor, Sean went into Dancing with the Stars and straight after that they both had a lot of work commitments,” a source told E! News. “There was no time to make wedding plans. Now that they’ve both freed up a little, they just want to enjoy each other this summer… Neither feels the need to rush. They want the wedding of their dreams — and planning it will take some time.”

It seems to make sense that the Bachelor couple hasn’t had time to plan for their big day. Shortly after it was announced that Lowe would appear on Dancing with the Stars, Catherine said she was moving to Los Angeles to support her man.

But even if the move makes sense logistically, the postponement is likely going to be a bit hard on Sean Lowe. The former Bachelor describes himself as a Christian and “born-again virgin” who is waiting for marriage to have sex.

“From my perspective, I’ve lived life kind of selfishly for a long time,” Sean Lowe said in an interview with People magazine. “Now, I’m going to try to live it the way I know to be right.”

It was actually well-known in Bachelor circles that Lowe wanted to wait until he was married to have sex.

“It’s well known in the ‘Bachelor’ circle that he doesn’t have sex,” a source told the New York Daily News in January. “But he’s so charming and so polite. It’s a different kind of show this time around because he’s super-religious. He does party, but he also does Bible readings.”

Bachelor Sean Lowe and his fiance Catherine Guidici haven’t announced when their new wedding will take place.