July 3, 2013
TV Reporter Gets Revenge On Broadcast Bombers

An online video has suddenly gone viral that depicts a Chicago TV reporter getting revenge on "bombers" who interrupt his live reports.

Pat Tomasulo grew tired of people who interrupted his reports by making gestures behind his back, to the point that he decided to grab them whilst he was on air and then ask them inappropriate questions.

Tomasulo's greatest questions to his impromptu guest include asking them about their "erectile dysfunction" and why they wear "womens underwear." As soon as they are asked these inappropriate questions, more often than not, those responsible for interrupting his broadcast sink away into the background.

Tomasulo was actually given the opportunity to enact his revenge in a segment for WGN-TV called, "The Pat-Down," with most of his questions taking place inside a Chicago Mall.

As Tomasulo pretends to be doing his job he is tipped off to a "bomber" by a member of his crew, and he then quickly catches them before bombarding the individual with his questions.

One particular individual by the name of Cody is bemused when Tomasulo states that he has been using an unspecified cream for two months and that it has cleared his rash. Cody looks horrified as he stares down at the news reporter before squeaking, "'scuse me?"

A group of four teenagers then interrupt his broadcast, and after pretending to be introduced by his anchor, Brian, Tomasulo remarks that he is taking to a foursome of men who like to wear "frilly and lacy panties" and after being asked "what color" they like to wear, they once again act shocked before going silent.

Previously Tomasulo, who joined WGN-TV as a sports reporter in June 2005, was voted one of the top five broadcasters in a search to find a suitable host to sit alongside Kelly Ripa as a co-hots to Live! with Regis & Kelly.

What do you think of Tomasulo's retribution?