July 3, 2013
Kate Middleton's Baby, Possible Name Predictions

Kate Middleton's due date is fast approaching, and the guesses about what baby's name will be are all the talk.

Great Britain is full of excitement as the new royal baby is expected to be born very soon. The Duchess of Cambridge's due date is next week, so the big event could happen any day now.

Not surprisingly, bookies are already picking Alexandra if Kate has a girl and George if it's a boy.

The royal couple has decided not to find out the sex of their baby and be surprised the day he or she is born.

What we can expect for sure is that there will be no strange names involved as is the case with celebrity couples.

There is tradition to be considered and the possible future heir to the British throne must have a name that follows the family line.

The Week is reporting that bookies predict that the couple's first born will be a girl.

Victoria Arbitrer, CNN's royal contributor, says Kate Middleton's baby will follow "dynastic names; names with a sense of history" that will provide the "elements of continuity that the survival of the monarchy depends on."

Could Prince William and his wife choose Diana as a name for a girl? Not likely, the experts say. The princes like to honor their mother in a private way.

Diana was a controversial figure while alive. Because of the unconventional way in which she carried herself, this created friction with the royal family.

Also they would not use the name out of respect to Prince Charles and his second wife Camilla.

Arbitrer's prediction for a girl's name is Alexandra Elizabeth Mary Frances and, for a boy, George Philip Arthur Charles.

Elizabeth of course is the Queen's name, Frances was Diana's middle name. Alexandra is both Kate and the Queen's middle name.

George is a popular royal name, Charles is the baby's grandfather, and Philip is the name of the Queen's husband.

The name of the royal baby will be announced officially by the Palace but also on social media. Kate Middleton's due date is July 11.

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