XBox 360 4GB Heads To Japan

Xbox 360 users in Japan will soon be able to take advantage of the same 4GB model offered to U.S. customers.

While the hard drive may be smaller and the unit isn’t as sleek looking, it’s offered for a premium low price, in the U.S. that price is just $199.99 while in Japan customers can expect to pay 19,800 yen or the equivalent of approximately $235.

For that cost users receive a single wireless controller, AV cables and a standard AC adapter. At this time no bundle options have been mentioned, but given the push for the Kinect, I would expect to see that peripheral bundled with a higher price in the near future.

In other news, a 250GB external drive for the Xbox 360 will be available in Japan at the same time as the 4GB system for a cost of 15,540 yen, that’s equal to $184 USD.

My guess is 4GB users won’t be ponying up almost as much as their system costs to obtain a 250GB external hard drive, but other power users may enjoy the additional space.