July 3, 2013
'Saved By The Bell', 'Punky Brewster,' And More Return As Digital Comics


It isn't extremely rare for comics to find a new resurgence of life amongst their key demo, but what's particularly interesting is how the medium has taken steps to re-imagine fan favorites outside of the comic book conventions.

Earlier we reported that Back To The Future was re-imagining Eric Stoltz as the lead, and now 80s television classics such as Saved By The Bell, Punky Brewster, and Miami Vice, are being resurrected decades later in a digital comic book.

Joining the 80s classics are other favorite shows such as Knight Rider, and Airwolf. According to Comics Alliance NBC is partnering up with Lion Forge comics to entertain fans of the throwback shows.

In a statement Lion Forge's CEO David Steward said about the new digital comics:"From hugely popular characters such as Crockett and Tubbs, Zack Morris and Punky Brewster to highly stylized music and clothing choices, these TV franchises have had a significant impact on pop culture. We’re excited to give fans a chance to revisit some of their favorite shows and characters in a completely new way."

It doesn't look like we'll be seeing old moments from Saved By The Bell revisited, which is a bummer because the digital age is just begging for Saved By The Bell's Jessie to have another meltdown of 'I'm So Excited' proportions. Instead it seems as though we'll have new memories to cherish for the Bayside gang. Let's just hope someone brings up feminist Jessie's caffeine pills episode.

As far as when people can get their thumbs on a new Zack Morris adventure, the exact date is to be determined, but it's said that the comics will be available later in 2013 through the Amazon Kindle Bookstore, Kobo, Barnes & Noble's Nook Book Store, and Apple's iBooks.

Are you excited to see 80s favorites on a new platform?