July 3, 2013
25 MPH On A Treadmill Is Nothing, Chad Johnson Says

You think 25 mph on a treadmill is impressive? Arizona Cardinals rookie Robert Gill's got nothing on Chad Johnson.

Gill became a viral sensation this week when a video was posted of him running 25 mph on a treadmill, so fast that his legs were little more than a blur.

Though his main football experience comes from the CFL and a series of semi-pro leagues, Gill has made quite an impression.

Danton Barto, an NFL scout, said:

“This guy is flying by our guys … It was the first time I had seen him, heard about him or anything of that nature … The one thing you can’t teach is speed. And his speed was … you don’t see too many guys in your life as fast as Robert is.”

The video may be Gill's way of making a name for himself. At 29 years old he's dubbed the "oldest rookie" in the league and will need something to compete with the younger guys competing for a playing time.

Chad Johnson knows something about making an impression, too. Out of the league last year and fresh out of a short jail stint last month, Johnson is trying to make his way back into the league.

So in response to Gill's 25 mph on a treadmill feat, Johnson made his own video of an amazing treadmill feat.

Unlike Gill, who was a track star at Texas A&M Corpus Christi and Texas State University, Johnson couldn't quite hit 25 mph on the treadmill. But he did get up to 24 mph --- on a 2.5 percent incline. Chad also appeared to maintain his speed for a little longer than Gil was able to.

It's yet to be seen if Chad Johnson's treadmill feat will do anything to help his comeback attempt, but, if he fails, he could always try to up the ante and hit 25 mph on the treadmill.