Xbox 360 Gets Iron Man Mod, Listed on Ebay

Zachariah Perry Cruse must really love the comic-book/movie series Iron Man, so much so that he took an Xbox 360 and created an Iron Man casing for the system.

According to Engadget, Cruse spent his summer modding the unit, which was created using the slightly older “less slim” 360 console. The system is modded to provide easy access to the units HDMI Socket and comes equipped with the units original 120GB hard drive. The units LED lights are also highlighted in a pretty cool casing design.

Whether or not Cruse loves Iron Man is left to be determined, but he apparently loves cash, as he has placed the system on Ebay (click here) with a current asking price of $620. Unfortunate for that price there doesn’t appear to be any modded controllers which would have more nicely tied the entire system together.

What do you think about Cruse’s mod? Leave us your thoughts about the system and what you would do to improve upon his design.