Justin Bieber: A ‘Great’ Neighbor, Insists NFL Legend Willie McGinest [Video]


Justin Bieber has been called many things recently. ‘Neighbor of the Year’ isn’t one of them — until now.

The 19-year-old has been given a back-slap by none other than ex-NFL superstar Willie McGinest, who described the teen singer as a “good neighbor.”

If you can close your eyes you can see the smoke spirals forming in Keyshawn Johnson’s ears.

McGinest  — a three-times Super Bowl hero former Patriots defensive end who now works as an analyst for NFL Network — lives across the road from Bieber in Calabasas, Calif.

Door-stepped by TMZ who appear to be perpetually loitering in the gated community, the 41-year-old said of the pop star:

“He’s great. My daughters love him.”

Asked if Bieber was a speedster, McGinest replied:

“I don’t know man, I’ve never seen him speed,” although he added, “I’ve heard though.”

However, the sports legend refused to be drawn into an opinion on Keyshawn Johnson’s on record blast of Bieber, saying: “Nah. I didn’t get into the whole thing. If I’m not there then I can’t you know, I can’t, I can’t.”





McGinest didn’t stop there.

Revealing Bieber likes to stop and say hello to Calabasas kids, to this former NFL superstar the teen singer is a “good neighbor” whose presence in the uber-rich neighborhood isn’t a problem.

His view is probably a minority one.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, the “Boyfriend” singer was accused by two witnesses of speeding in the exclusive compound in his white Ferrari. One of those witnesses was Johnson, an AFC East rival to McGinest from 1996 to 1999 when he was on the Jets and McGinest played for the Patriots. Johnson also lives in Calabasas.

On the night in question, Johnson tailed the white Ferrari to Bieber’s house to confront the driver over the alleged speeding.

However, security video footage given to Los Angeles police authorities as part of the investigation that followed, confirmed Johnson only saw Bieber in the driver’s seat when he was parking his car in his garage.

Before Johnson arrived, the footage showed the Canadian following behind the Ferrari — which is believed to have been driven by rapper Tyler, The Creator — on his motorcycle.

It has since been reported that the L.A. District’s Attorney’s office is unlikely to file charges against Bieber in light of the new evidence.

Former NFL star Eric Dickerson, who also lives in Calabasas previously leveled criticism at the pop star over alleged instances of speeding.

Bieber is currently on his recently resumed Believe world tour and plays Oklahoma’s Chesapeake Energy Arena tonight.

He might want to consider sending the McGinest family some V.I.P. tickets.