Brooke Hogan Engaged, Hulk Hogan Goes Nuts On Radio

With Brooke Hogan engaged, Hulk Hogan decided to go on a rant.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the world has been actively seeing Brooke Hogan engaged through Instagram and other social media.

But when it was announced that Brooke Hogan was engaged Hulk Hogan was mysteriously silent on the matter. If anything, it sounded like the Hulk was having a night on the town in Las Vegas.

At one point Hulk Hogan opined on Twitter, “Where’s the truck that ran over me twice? Hogan and Vegas doesn’t work, brother.” Well, that truck must have backed upon once again because seeing Brooke Hogan engaged made Hulk Hogan go nuts on the radio. To give you an idea, at one point the announcer said Hulk Hogan had a “sick twisted mind” and he simply replied, “You better believe it, brother.”

Hulk Hogan described how Phil Coast proposed in the parking lot while “ladies were striking leg shots.” Meanwhile, Hulk Hogan says he was running wild all over the place, which sounds about right.

Things got weirder when Hulk Hogan was asked about Brooke Hogan’s wedding. He said it’d take place in Japan, Africa, and other exotic locales yet somehow Scotland Yard would be involved.

But that’s just the beginning of the Hulk a mania. Asked about Brooke Hogan and Phil Costa’s relationship prior to the engagement, Hulk Hogan called it “dog eat dog,” claiming Phil Costa “man-handled her” and “put her in bad positions.” He also launched a preemptive strike on Phil Costa, saying Phil Costa would “have a life long sentence on Hulk-a-mania,” be pressed over Hulk Hogan’s head, and be “thrown out of the ring” if the marriage to Brooke Hogan ever failed.

What do you think about Hulk Hogan’s reaction to see Brooke Hogan engaged?