‘Siberia’ TV Show Fake Reality Plays With Viewers’ Heads

UPDATE: The original Siberia TV show trailer has been removed by NBC for reasons unknown. I have replaced it with a new official clip from NBC. Enjoy.


Siberia, the TV show widely described as Lost meets Survivor, premiered on NBC on Monday night. If you didn’t see it, you can check out the trailer to get a quick feel for it.

The premise of the show is pretty simple. Sixteen reality TV show contestants are dropped into Siberia in the area of the 1908 Tunguska meteor event to fight it out for amazing cash prizes. As TV Guide always says, hilarity ensues. Weirdness happens, people start to get killed, and the TV production crew vanishes.

So, in essence, Siberia is a fake reality TV show.

So what’s the viewer reaction?

Apparently the Russians are miffed that Siberia was filmed in Canada, instead of the real Siberia.

“Welcome to Tunguska, Manitoba,” an unnamed Siberian Times reporter sniffed. “US viewers are conned into believing the action is in Siberia, which is after all the name of the show. In reality, this faux reality show was filmed on the other side of the world, in a Canadian prairie province.”

Get out of here. Next you’ll be telling be that the The X-Files wasn’t really filmed at the FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C.

So how about some reaction from viewers who can figure out that a show about reality TV isn’t itself obligated to be realistic?

Here’s some random thoughts from Twitter that seem to sum it up pretty well:

Before you start embarrassing yourselves realize that #siberia is a scripted drama about a reality tv show.

— Daniel Green (@DanielVGreen) July 2, 2013





What did you think of the premiere of the new Siberia TV show? You can watch the first full episode here.

[Siberia cast photo by NBC]