Deion Sanders Tweets For Joy After Divorce

Deion Sanders is pretty happy that his divorce has been finalized. The former NFL star took to Twitter this weekend to “thank god” and rejoice that the ordeal is over.

Deion and wife Pilar were married back in 1999 and have three kids together. They filed for divorce more than 18 months ago but it wasn’t until this weekend that the separation was finalized.

Sanders and Pilar have been arguing over money, property, and custody issues since filing for divorce nearly two years ago but it looks like the case has finally been settled. Deion wrote on Twitter that his prenuptial agreement stood up in court and that he won’t have to pay any of Pilar’s legal fees.

Sanders wrote on Twitter: “Thank God Thank God! This 2 year Drama filled divorce is over. Prenup stood, Custody of All kids,pay yo own fees! God is Faithful! Truth.”

After the divorce was finalized, Deion Sanders offered up some words of advice to the younger generation. Deion said that he got married for the wrong reasons and advised men to find a wife with their “heart and spirit.”

Sanders writes: “Men Listen closely! Don’t choose a woman with your Flesh choose her with your Spirit & Heart. Yo flesh will Lie until yo flesh die. Truth.”

The former NFL player didn’t stop there. Deion also criticized himself for being selfish when he was younger and said that you can only become a man when you start thinking about other people.

Deion writes: “When I was a boy I use to think it was ALL about ME when I stopped thinking that way I became a MAN! Truth”

Deion’s entire Twitter feed is full of inspirational messages at the moment. The former football player also posted a few pics of his kids.




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