David Lynch May Never Make Another Movie Again

David Lynch has confirmed that he doesn’t know if he will ever direct another movie again, after he stated that he doesn’t know what he can do “in the world of cinema.”

Lynch is regarded as one of the most innovative and audacious filmmakers in history, having worked on the likes of Inland Empire, Mullholland Drive, Eraserhead, and Blue Velvet, plus he also wowed small screen viewers with Twin Peaks.

The director recently announced the release of his second album, The Big Dream, which is due out on July 15, and it would now appear that his future doesn’t lie behind the camera.

Lynch told The Independent, “It’s a very depressing picture. With alternative cinema – any sort of cinema that isn’t mainstream – you’re fresh out of luck in terms of getting theatre space and having people come to see it. Even if I had a big idea, the world is different now.”

He then added, “Unfortunately, my ideas are not what you’d call commercial, and money really drive the boat these days. So I don’t know what my future is. I don’t have a clue what I’m going to be able to do in the world of cinema.”

Lynch did admit that he would like to work in TV again though, stating, “I like the idea of a continuing story. And television is way more interesting than cinema now. It seems like the art-house has gone to cable.”

Lynch also talked out his love of caffeine and cigarettes, saying, “I must have a very high tolerance for caffeine. I always associated smoking and drinking coffee with the art life. They go hand in hand. There’s something about drinking coffee and smoking that makes me happy and facilitates thinking. I just really love those things.”

Do you think David Lynch would leave a huge hole in the cinematic landscape if he left the medium?

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