Dot Wristwatch Brings LED To Your Timepiece

Polish designer Damian Kozlik has come up with a cool LED watch/bracelet design not as the “Dot Wristwatch” that’s not only functional, but also rather environmentally friendly.

The watch substitutes metal for a simple perforated rubber and hides the watches necessary buttons for setting the watches time and an alarm along the ridge of the extruded surface, providing more of a “bracelet” look and feel rather than the high-end watch the gadget is marketed as.

The watch is only a concept design at this time, but given the economics of LED technology and the fact that it offers something new that bracelet wearers might enjoy, I could see this one coming to market.

One feature I would like to see? The ability to display messages when the watch isn’t needed. For example turning your bracelet into support for our troops or displaying a message for breast cancer awareness month could give it a hand up on other timepieces. [via SlashGear]