Microsoft Store = Payment FAIL

As I said in my previous post today I will be among the first to step up and give Microsoft a good solid slap if I feel it is doing something stupid or wrong. Well the new Mircosoft Store is such a time. As much as the site looks nice and is an idea whose time has come – especially from a company like Microsoft their payment options show the same attitude as 99% of online businesses. That being one of if you don’t have a credit card we don’t want your business.

Let me give you a little hint Microsoft:

Not everyone in the world has a frikken credit card!

This idea that that the biggest software company in the world seems to think that credit cards are the only way to buy goods is stupid and wrong. Like really, how much would it hurt Microsoft to include things like e-checks or debit cards or gawd forbid PayPal as options for buying their goods. Instead as you can see they only take the major credit cards

All I can say is FAIL!