Ashley Madison Survey: Cheating Wives Love Banana Republic

Does your wife shop at Banana Republic? Is she cheating on you? According to a new survey from Ashley Madison cheating women love to shop at the Banana., a dating site that concentrates on extra-marital affairs, recently conducted a survey with more than 50,000 of its members. The survey concentrated on the shopping habits of cheating women.

Fashionista notes that Banana Republic was frequented by most of the women on Ashley Madison while J. Crew, Macy's and Ann Taylor finished in the top four.

Here are the top 10 stores frequented by the women on Ashley Madison.

1) Banana Republic2) J.Crew3) Macy’s4) Ann Taylor5) H&M6) Bebe7) Lane Bryant8) Chico’s9) Lululemon10) JC Penney

Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman said that women tend to spend more money on shopping and clothes when they start having an affair.

Biderman said: "Becoming more concerned with one's appearance is often a dead giveaway for an affair ... If your spouse suddenly seems more consumed with style and putting outfits together after spending years in sweat pants, that is a telltale sign she could be two-timing.”

Some people may argue against Biderman's conclusion but the Ashley Madison survey seems to back it up. According to the survey, more than 33% of women said that they spend twice as much as normal on clothes once they start having an affair.

Ashley Madison also notes that many women (about 12.4% of those surveyed) will return the clothes after their rendezvous.