Kenya Moore Wins New Hearing In Eviction Case

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore has been given a new hearing date in her eviction case.

Moore is currently battling her landlady, Conya Dillon, who filed a motion last Friday for an “expedited hearing on shortened notice” to have Moore removed from her Roswell rental home.

“Defendant [Moore] has created a media circus in a desperate attempt to maintain relevancy as a reality TV personality while maliciously attacking Plaintifff’s character,” Dillon’s filing states.

Moore’s lease expired at the end of May, and the former Miss USA tried to extend her rental by 60 days, but Dillon did not accept. According to Dillon, Moore was $848 short on her $3,999 May rent and tried to make alterations to the property. She also claimed that Moore has paid her rent late multiple times, and that she has been delinquent on other bills as well. According to Access Atlanta, Dillon filed an eviction notice in January, but Moore eventually paid up.

A magistrate judge ruled in Dillon’s favor during the original eviction hearing last week because Moore and her attorney failed to appear in court.

Moore said the eviction was unfair, and called in to The Wendy Williams Show last Thursday to discuss her troubles.

“First of all, we never got notice of our court date so that’s going to be overturned and we’ll have another court date, so it isn’t over until the fat lady sings,” Moore told Williams.

“Secondly, this is absolutely absurd! I’ve paid this woman nearly $52,000 in rent and she has a $6,000 security deposit of mine. I have paid her May rent and paid her June and my lease is up in three weeks, so this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.”

Moore also said that she consider getting a restraining order so that Dillon would not be able to use her keys to go through her belongings.

Kenya Moore’s new court date has been scheduled for July 9.

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