‘World Of Warcraft’ Auction House Hack Puts Accounts At Risk

Blizzard today confirmed that some World of Warcraft accounts could be at risk after a growing number of users began reporting unauthorized log-in attempts from the Battle.net website and the company’s “Mobile Armory” app, which allows users to access the Auction House on the go.

Early this morning, reports began surfacing that the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app itself had been compromised. Shortly afterwards, Blizzard themselves confirmed that certain accounts had been breached, although the company wasn’t willing to confirm what, exactly, was being targeted.

As PCGamesN notes in their report, some users have reported losing “hundreds of thousands” of in-game gold as a result of the security compromise.

In response to the issue, Blizzard says that it has temporarily shut down the Mobile Armory’s access to the in-game Auction House until the company is sure that the situation has been resolved.

Those affected – namely those who were not using Blizzard’s authenticator – will be contacted throughout the day, Blizzard says. Although the company suggests that users who have an authenticator in the clear, some users are reporting otherwise.

“We’re in the process of notifying any account holders who were not using an authenticator and whose account showed signs of unauthorized access (e.g., logging in from an unusual IP address),” Blizzard said in a post on the Battle.net website. “If you are among this group, you will receive an email describing how to reset your account.”

While you wait for Blizzard to take care of the situation, the developer is urging that users take the usual security precautions.

“While no means of account security is guaranteed, every precaution you take to secure your computer and your account—including changing your password periodically—adds another defensive barrier,” Blizzard wrote.

Was your World of Warcraft account impacted by this security “hiccup”?