‘Under The Dome’ Debuts On CBS, Receives Mixed Reviews On Twitter

Stephen King CBS Series

Under the Dome finally debuted on CBS last night (June 24).

The series is based on the lengthy novel by legendary author Stephen King. Like the book that inspired it, the show tells the story of several people who are trapped inside a coastal town after a strange and mysterious dome suddenly appears out of thin air.

Although the characters in King’s novel were trapped inside the dome for only a few weeks, the TV series is taking things a bit further. Since CBS is banking on the series becoming a huge hit, these folks may find themselves trapped for quite some time.

“These people would be under the dome for months. You would see the whole thing about depletion of resources, gas (and) food running out, people using wood fires because there’s no electricity. And you can see the grit building up on the dome the way it does in the atmosphere of the earth,” Stephen King explained to USA Today.

Most reviewers who caught sneak previews of the first Under the Dome episode seemed to think the show was enjoyable yet downright silly. The Washington Post critic Hank Stuever said he would be quite content with simply watching different things run face-first into the dome.

“A single-engine airplane smacks into the dome. Later we get to see a produce truck traveling at a nice clip slam into the dome head-on and make a fruit-and-metal smoothie,” Stuever wrote in his review of the show.

Now that Under the Dome is off and running, many folks have taken to social media to share their thoughts and feelings about the summer series. You can find a handful of their reactions to the show below.

One common complaint among Twitter users was the amount of ads CBS stuffed into the debut.

Did you catch Under the Dome on CBS? What did you think about the small screen adaptation of Stephen King’s novel?