George Lucas Wants To Open A Museum In California

George Lucas Cultural Arts Museum

George Lucas is currently in the running to open a new cultural arts museum in California.

The Star Wars mastermind is one of several parities interested in developing the site in San Francisco’s Presidio. Should Lucas get his wish, the proposed museum would be built where Sports Basement presently resides.

According to KTVU, George Lucas’ museum is getting some strong support from prominent figures in the community. Mayor Ed Lee said the filmmaker’s proposal was an “extraordinary gift” and a “unique opportunity.” However, it remains to be seen if Lucas will get the space.

Mayor Lee isn’t the only influential individual who has attempted to say the Presidio Trust. Acclaimed filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola also spoke to the board. Unfortunately for Lucas, a spokesperson said it’s too early to determine if the Star Wars director will win out.

George Lucas has some competition for the space. One organization wants to build a sustainability institute while the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy wants to build a cultural arts center.

NBC Bay Area reports George Lucas and his museum could find a home elsewhere should they lose the space to someone else. The Presidio Trust will decide who gets to develop the site. If they choose one of the other proposals, Lucas intends to build the museum somewhere else.

What sort of museum does George Lucas have in mind? According to spokesperson David Perry, the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum would consist of exhibits from Lucas’ personal collection.

“It is going to tell the story of visual storytelling. So from the time of the caveman all the way to 21st century technology,” Perry explained.

Unfortunately for Lucas and those who support his museum, a decision won’t be made for several months. The filmmaker will have to wait until September for an announcement from the Presidio Trust.

While you’re waiting to hear word about Lucas’ museum, you can always swing by San Anselmo, California to check out the Yoda statue recently erected in a nearby park. The statue is said to be similar to the one found at the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco.

Are you a fan of George Lucas? What do you think about the filmmaker’s idea for a cultural arts museum in San Francisco?

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