Random DC-area Lawyer: ‘Michaele Salahi accused me of fake assault, too!’

A Virginia lawyer said she had to laugh when she heard that Real Housewives of DC fameball Michaele Salahi is accusing Whoopi Goldberg of “assaulting” her after an appearance on The View.

Cynthia Revesman told RadarOnline that not only did Salahi accuse her of the same type of incident- hysterically claiming an assault after Revesman touched Salahi’s arm- the infamous White House gate crasher even filed a police report for the January 2009 incident. The lawyer described the chain of events, and if you read the Whoopi story, it sounds pretty familiar:

Revesman said she was in court acting on behalf of a client, who was suing the Salahi’s for an unpaid bill, when she turned to Michaele and her “finger touched her arm”.

“Michaele then begin screaming “stop hitting me” and she turned the to bailiffs and she said “make sure she doesn’t hit me again”,” recalled Revesman.

“My client was standing right next to me and I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ and she responded, ‘You just hit me’.

“I said, ‘No I didn’t, I don’t understand what’s going on here.’ The bailiffs were all looking at me throwing their hands up in the air.”

Revesman says she’s not surprised the Salahis are pulling the same lame con on Goldberg, and points out a legal benefit for the debt-laden, status-climbing couple:

“What they do is they take the assault charge and go after the opposing council in the other side; they want you to barter their criminal process with a civil process going on. That is their whole m.o (modus operandi).”

The Salahis’ case against Revesman was thrown out by a judge in April of 2009.