Facebook users report intermittent outages

Although Twitter has been mercifully outage free all morning, the normally solid Facebook has been timing out and returning errors intermittently since for the past few hours.

Facebook hasn’t confirmed any issues, either on their blog or on the official Facebook Twitter account- but a quick search of tweets shows a steady stream of Twitterers reporting lack of access:

Is it a problem when Facebook’s down, first thought is post it on Facebook?

Facebook is down for a few hours? WTF? Don’t these people know about fallback servers?

Is Facebook down for anyone else?

I am tired of my #facebook account being down due to maintenance. grrrrr

My facebook is down, so now I’m on twitter! LoL

Both Facebook and Tumblr are down #fail

Some tweets indicate that the problem is not limited to the USA:

is Facebook still down for you? Looks like mine isn’t responding here in Ireland

Google is also showing that searches for “Facebook login,” “Facebook down,” or “Facebook Australia” are high at the moment, suggesting the problem is pervasive and likely widespread. As Facebook hasn’t acknowledged the complaints to begin with, it’s impossible to tell when the service will be working properly again. Have you had difficulties logging into or using Facebook or Facebook search this morning? Have you been forced to work on a Friday? Let us know in the comments!