‘Deadpool’ Launch Trailer Hits [Video]

The launch trailer for Deadpool has hit!

The merc with the mouth is about to get his own video game, with all of the one-liners and violence you could ask for. Without getting issued a straight jacket, that is.

The upcoming Deadpool video game is a third-person shooter adventure written by long time Deadpool scribe Daniel Way. In other words, expect to laugh as you pummel bad guys and heckle good guys in possibly equal measure. Of course, the game is being marketed as having Deadpool calling the shots, so in that case, everything’s going according to plan.

The launch trailer for Deadpool begins with the title character talking directly to the audience, “Surprise, universe, it’s me, Deadpool, Marvel anti-hero extraordinaire. This is my launch trailer, and research showed that trailers, dubstep, and absolute chaos go together like Wolverine and bad haircuts.”

We then see a talking note on the side that reads, “Ah yes, dubstep. The dulcet tones of a computer being lobotomized that make kids go wild.”

Deadpool finishes off his intro with an imitation of the Beastie Boys, “That being said, drop the beat!”

Dubstep begins playing as he starts yelling, “Deadpool! Bang! Babes! Mayhem!” Images accompanying these words include Deadpool with his fist in the air, some guns mounted on a fence, Deadpool in a hot tub with a real woman on one side and an inflatable doll on the other, and Deadpool again pointing wildly into the air.

We see Deadpool launching himself through the air before Wolverine poses and extends his claws. Then a few scenes go by of the usual video game mayhem with explosions and people flying. Deadpool is then seen spinning his own head as he yells, “Ow!”

Then we see a screenshot of sorts with Deadpool, Wolverine, and a few of the ladies of Marvel in the background. Deadpool makes out with some blonde in the hot tub and more random video game mayhem follows.

What do you think of the launch trailer for Deadpool? Are you excited to play the game when it launches tomorrow?